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Rest Services

The RestServices module is a toolbox that aids working with REST, JSON and general HTTP requests. The RestServices module enables: - Consuming JSON REST based services. - Publish REST based data- and microflow services. - Real-time data synchronization between (Mendix) apps using REST. NOTE: Since Mendix 6.6, you can consume REST services directly with the Call Rest microflow action. You can use Import and Export mappings to create and read messages. See This is an open-source project, published and documented at under the Apache V2 License. Feel free to report any issues or fork the project on GitHub!


Rest Services logo4 stars, based on 16 votes
Great module, still useful for older Mendix versions and if the builtin platform REST functionality is to limited for the latest Mendix versions.
Still has so much to offer despite Mendix built in platform REST being introduced and improved.
Very useful for more specific and Mx6 based REST implementations!
Works great. I needed this in Mendix 7.17 because the built in rest module didn't offer the functionality that I needed. This module works great! I only needed to add some extra JAR files to the userlib to get it to work in Mx 7.17.