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DateTime Picker

Separate Date and Time pickers for a Mendix Datetime [Update Apr 25, 2018] * Fix a bug with validation handling


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Great widget and I really want to use it, but it is unusable for me because of a bug. When I cancel/rollback an already committed object, the date is cleared. I would expect this if the object was not yet committed, but not after a commit (the date was entered before the commit offcourse). Would also love the option to choose the current day as earliest possible date in de settings. Now I have to use an attribute for that.
It works it shows the date and the time seperate, however kinda found it confusing hope it will be updated a bit to make it more friendly!
There is a bug when not using English US When I select a date the minium time is also set. However when the record is saved time is saved as 00:00 dispite that 12:00 is the minimum time. It does work just fine with English US But if the end users have other front end language settings it goes wrong...
Great widget. Nice to have the flexibility with a date time picker.