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Avola Decision

Avola Decision is an integrated business solution for business rule management & execution. Avola allows you to intuitively model and document all your operational, tactical and strategic business decisions, based on The Decision Model methodology. Decision Modeling makes the business logic behind management decisions and business rules transparent and easily understandable by all stakeholders in your organization. This automatically leads to consistency and re-usability of business rules across the enterprise. Avola provides full auditability and traceability of the decision management lifecycle: from modeling & documentation to deployment & execution. It includes both decision approval flows and version control. Avola offers decision modelers powerful, yet easy-to-use functionalities for validating and testing modeled decisions, before submitting them for approval or deployment. This way the business owners can be 100% certain that decision models accurately represent the appropriate logic and lead to the desired business results. Avola allows a 1-click deployment of business-approved decision versions. The result is a set of web services that can easily be plugged into whatever business application. With Avola, the business requirement becomes its automation. The executed business rule is always a 1-on-1 reflection of what the business documented, tested and approved.


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