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Ins & Outs is a user-friendly workflow-application that helps hospitals to get the process of subscriptions and unsubscriptions in order. What is the result of the Ins & Outs App? - At any time, the right understanding of the number of employees who are actually employed within your organization; - A huge improvement in the duration of this process; - A substantial increase in efficiency because all adjacent systems no longer need to be fed separately; - All of the steps which are important in the subscriptions and unsubscriptions be taken, including the issuing of boarding passes, clothing, phones, etc. In particular, the unsubscription process error contains a lot of errors; - Be able to demonstrate that this process is under control; - The application provides end charts and graphs. Interfaces We have standard interfaces available so that data can be automatically transferred to the adjacent systems. Often, there are multiple databases that play a role in the process.


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