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Workflow 4 Mendix

The complete workflow solution with full functionality: * Workflow Designer * Tasks * Cases * Easy Navigation * Business Activity Monitoring * Authorization * Notifications and Output This module can be used in a stand-alone app or in a multi-app environment. In the multi-app edition a seamless User Experience can be realised. The user will not notice he/she is operating in multiple apps. Ideal solution for a Component Based Architecture. Workflow designer: * Create or manage workflows faster. You can even put the business in control: No Mendix coding skills required! * Add steps or tasks to a workflow while the application is running * Including versioning of workflows so multiple versions of one workflow can run together Tasks: * Personal overview with several views on tasks, for example: my tasks, department tasks, escalated tasks, etc. * Static or dynamic assignment of tasks to persons or groups * Delegation of tasks to redistribute load or deal with vacations * Get notified when tasks are due and/or escalate this with messages to the team staff Cases: * Manage all your cases centrally from one place. Tasks are always related to a case Easy navigation: * Powerful landing page to get the user started quickly without any training * Every task that a user can execute will be self-guided Business Activity Monitoring: * Dashboard that shows main KPI’s on the workflows, like throughput times of workflows, escalation status overview, etc. * Monitor all the cases and tasks to steer on exceptions Authorization: * Role / group based authorization for workflows and tasks Notifications and output: * Send e-mails right from the workflow and insert data from your app database into the mails * Combine with Document Generation 4 Mendix to generate data driven documents within the workflows To learn more about the possibilities, please contact us at


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