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Care Optimizer, the health care tool which helps to improve the quality of life In 2050 the number of people over eighty will be doubled. More and more chronically ill need specialized attention. Meanwhile, care givers are bound by standardized protocols and strict work schedules, to cut costs. The results are that the care provided is not meeting the individual client's needs. Care Optimizer is developed by Capgemini (on the basis of scientific research of the Swedish Lund University) and can be applied in different situations. Firstly, it helps to determine the individual needs of clients to offer flexible and person centred care. This ensures a better quality of life, a healthier population of elderly and lower health care costs. It shows which capabilities are required per region in order to offer this care. Thus, managers gain timely insight in deficits in areas of expertise so they can take measures. Secondly, the Care Optimizer can be used in assessing the daily operations of a care institution. Through benchmarking the best practices for the given situation can be determined. This helps in managing the expenses and cutting down costs. Finally, Care Optimizer can be used for justification to the central government of the quality of care delivered and the budget used for the delivery of care. The Care Optimizer tool is a pay-per-use service provided over the internet. This means, low start up costs and no investments in server hardware. With only the running costs to account for, the costs of using the Care Optimizer are clear and predictable.


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