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Microsoft Graph Connector

A Mendix Microsoft Graph connector that allows users to login to a Mendix application using their personal or work Office 365 accounts. Use the MS Graph authorization tokens to access other APIs such as email and calendar items. For more information visit: Typical usage scenario: If you want to have your users login to their Mendix app with their Office 365 credentials. Also use the module if you want to access other Microsoft Graph APIs such as email and calendar items. Features and limitations: Authenticate users via their personal or work Office 365 accounts. Use 2-factor authentication provided by Microsoft Graph Style your own fault pages Logging for all access attempts CSRF protection Microsoft Graph Token management. Determine how you identify your authorized users based on the data provided by MS Graph, options are mail or principleName. Customize your user resolution microflow. Still allow users to login with their Mendix accounts or as local users. Except Community Commons the module requires no external modules, everything is included. Choose to use custom request handlers or optionally use the DeepLink module. Limited to MS Graph API only.


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are there any oauth2.0 authentication ?