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This library will grow with utility Microflows for DateTime operations. Currently it has: - A microflow to determine if a certain DateTime is in Daylight Savings Time for a certain user/session (including scheduled events) - A microflow for getting a date from a date string, parsed with a certain format and time zone. - A microflow for getting the difference of the offset from UTC between two dates, using the time zone of the user/session. This can be used If you want to add some amount of weeks or months to a date, but let the time remain the same in that local time zone and there (potentially) is a DST shift between the original date and the date it ends up at after you did the addition It contains some examples in the folder 'Examples' that you can safely delete, as well as the ExampleEntity. Note that users without a time zone (including all anonymous users) only have a simple offset as a time zone unless you set a default time zone in your project. This means that the question 'Am I in DST' always returns false for them and the offset between two dates will always be the same.


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