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Mendix Application Performance Monitor

The Mendix Application Performance Monitor (APM) is a paid for add-on service to Mendix Platform to get a grip on performance right away. There is nothing more frustrating to users than performance issues. As applications become increasingly complex, though, finding the root cause can be a daunting exercise. Mendix addresses this challenge by providing a unique set of tools as a cloud service to get a grip on performance from an early stage.


Mendix Application Performance Monitor logo5 stars, based on 11 votes
Incredible tool. I had some performance issues with a legacy app, had APM installed in minutes and it gave me all the insights I needed. I was creating log messages and timermicroflows all over the system. No more need for that ith APM. Exceptional in-depth insights in loglevels. Just amazing, must have for every Mendix project!
Great tool to monitor your app and investigate performance issues.
Truth is the tool works, but evrythings is stored in your app. If the problem is that your app is to big, and is crashing, this tool won't help you. It wil just make your app crash quicker.
It's a good tool to monitor apps from the front end. It's not as great as adding logs.