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The Enum selector widget is a Mendix widget which can be used to modify available options to your end-users in the allocation of enum and string values. The widget allows the developer to select the individual options and captions which are displayed to the enduser in a dropdown. Potential use-cases are when you want to limited the number of available options to users with a certain role, or set string attribute values based on selectable options. The widget is easy to set up and has, in addition to the ability to select the possible answer, most features a normal dropdown has.


EnumSelector logo5 stars, based on 5 votes
Nice widget, just got an error message that its trying to execute microflow '' if I dont add an on change microflow in Mx7.5
Nice widget, really simple to use and helped me solve a problem where I needed to hide certain enum values on certain pages.
This seems to be a nice addition to simple requirements where you dont want to have Enum for conditional visibility or editability in pages. For example, if you want to have a selection of values without Enum then you can use this. But it did not solve my requirement. For eg., 1. I have an enum which is mapped to an attribute in entity 2. In my New/Edit screen, if I would want to show or hide values from existing enum it is not possible 3. And more to that, any additional validations if possible could be added. Like if the selected attribute is already an Enum then you could simply throw an error stating not a valid data type or so. Then it would be obvious that we can not use an attribute with Enum already in this widget. 4. Now all my existing enum has been overwritten with the new values specified.