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Grid Search

Add interactive search capabilities to all of your lists and grids using these widgets! The concept behind this widget package is to greatly extend the built-in search capabilities of Mendix list and grid widgets: the Data Grid, the Template Grid, and the List View. You can also search on multiple lists/grids at the same time! These widgets can be placed anywhere on the page, including inside snippets or a sidebar. This widget has also been tested with the "Slide In" widget, which provides a custom sidebar. The widgets offer features like multi-field searching, checkboxes, dropdowns, date filters, plus a fully customizable "Any Search" widget that allows you to create any search interface you like using Mendix widgets and microflows. Any search criteria that can be written in XPath is supported.


Grid Search logo4 stars, based on 16 votes
great stuff, hope you do it more
Very useful widget.
Great Widget. It's Very useful for multiple search functionality for grids and list views at a time.
Very cool widget. Would be great if there is an option to set default values for dynamic filters such as enumeration. Also, customizing the date display in the active filters would be useful
Good widget package, but unfortunately no sorting option for the association checkbox widget. This widget also doesnt work if the data grid or list view has an Xpath data source with context object (currentObject).