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Grid Search

Add interactive search capabilities to all of your lists and grids using these widgets! The concept behind this widget package is to greatly extend the built-in search capabilities of Mendix list and grid widgets: the Data Grid, the Template Grid, and the List View. You can also search on multiple lists/grids at the same time! These widgets can be placed anywhere on the page, including inside snippets or a sidebar. This widget has also been tested with the "Slide In" widget, which provides a custom sidebar. The widgets offer features like multi-field searching, checkboxes, dropdowns, date filters, plus a fully customizable "Any Search" widget that allows you to create any search interface you like using Mendix widgets and microflows. Any search criteria that can be written in XPath is supported.


Grid Search logo4 stars, based on 10 votes
Very usefull search functionallity. This should actually be the default Mendix search functionallity in my opinion.
Works well to add a simple search function to Mendix.
I was asked to demonstrate Mendix search capabilities. I configured MultiSearch widget in a matter of a couple of minutes right before the demo.
I just added the newest version to one of my apps. This version provides a robust and flexible set of search tools that is a great addition to the Mendix toolkit! Using this together with the recent improvements in ListView performance, I was able reduce search time for a large dataset from several seconds to under 1 second.