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Process Queue

Each project contains microflows that take a lot of processing power and are executed often. These microflows can negatively influence the performance of your application during peak usage. This module enables you to control the amount of these microflows that are executed at once by assigning them to queues. Each of these queues can be configured to handle a subset of these microflows and you can also set a limit to the number of microflows each queue can execute at once. This allows you to control the maximum load put on your application during peak usage by these microflows while still ensuring all microflows will be executed eventually. The queues use a FIFO approach (first-in, first-out) and will automatically restart themselves (and any microflows still left to execute) after a server restart.


Process Queue logo5 stars, based on 14 votes
Very useful module for processing data and background jobs.
Great module, very useful for doing tasks in background (for example: generating and sending documents).