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If you have a QUEST for feedback no matter how big or small SurveyQUEST has the solution. From small to medium sized organisations to individuals wanting the simplest feedback there is a SurveyQUEST offering to fit your need and budget. SurveyQuest is multi-tenanted white labeled application. Distribute anywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email and SMS SurveyQuest keeps you informed in 3 Ways 1. Surveys Configure automatic questionnaires and share them by email or socially. SurveyQuest Surveys represents a one dimensional questionnaire that in essence will render the same time, every time it is taken by multiple users. An example would be a Product Survey, or a Customer satisfaction Q&A questionnaire. 2. Intelligent Assessment Questionnaires Using complex algorithms you can easily add an Intelligence framework that with a combination of rules, business logic and outcome predication culminates to an Intelligent Decision engine, based on the upfront goals and input to the questionnaire. These questionnaires are thus multidimensional in that it depends on the question answer combination as to which outcomes will be fired to produce a result. Such as an insurance risk assessment questionnaire. 3. Interactive Marketing Use intelligent questionnaires to get your marketing message through to the right audience, guide your customers and potential customers through an informative needs specific experience. Allowing you to gauge exactly where the interest lies and the level of interest of the participant


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