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Pivot Table Widget

Continuation of my work at Synobsys. Create a pivot table using a list of objects. The number of rows and columns is not set using properties but determined from the actual data. The widget can count the items in each cell or determine the sum, average, minimum or maximum value in each cell. For count and sum, optionally a total column and row can be displayed. The various elements in the table can easily be styled. It is also possible to set thresholds that apply a CSS class depending on the cell value. Optionally, the data may be exported as CSV. Have a look at the screen shots or download the Pivot Table Demo Project


Pivot Table Widget logo5 stars, based on 4 votes
Awesome widget, with a great demo project! And also many, nice, configurations. You are my hero.
Really useful and very easy to set up. I wanted a simple table and was able to download the widget and have it working in about an hour. There's lots more features there if I want them but I didn't have to plough through them all to get what I wanted. Great widget, thanks!
Great widget but I wish there was an alternative sort option where you could sort by attribute instead of using the default by alphabetical order.
very great