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With this widget you can add shortcuts to your application This widget is a wrapper for the javascript shortcut library found at With this widget you can assign shortcuts to buttons in your application. So you could assign pressing the Esc key to the cancel button and Ctrl+S to the save button of your form.


KeyStrokeWidget logo3 stars, based on 3 votes
Picks up shortcuts nicely, even 'reserved' shortcuts such as F5 or Ctrl+S. Two suggestions: An option to ignore textboxes and it might be interesting for certain shortcuts to work across the whole application.
Michel, These features are already available in the javascript library. I have ported some more and advanced features of the library to be configurable in Mendix. We will release an updated version soon.
It works fine but it has a small bug: When placed on the home page based on enter key, a user is not able to enter a CR with the enter key in a text area througout the application. User has to use shift-enter to accomplish a RC in a text-area.