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Tour widget

The tour module is a Mendix module which can be used to set up tours for your application end-users. Tours consist of one- or multiple tooltips, which are sequenced and attached to a page element relevant to the information the tooltip is providing. A tour can be used to take the user through an application page in the form of a tutorial, and can provide information step-by-step. Tours are navigable with a set of buttons taking you to the previous, or next step.


Tour widget logo1 stars, based on 1 votes
Quite buggy. One item that is in the corner of the page does not have the box show correctly next to it with an arrow. Setting the sequence in the app does nothing, rather the boxes are shown in the order they were last edited..! Would be much better to set the step within the modeller so that these settings can be transported with the package rather than set up manually each time. Does not expose many options for which buttons to show on each box - I'd like to be able to only have 'next' for most so that users must go through the onboarding process.