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Indico Connector

Use indico's text and image analysis to create transformative tools. All you need is a free developer API from (no creditcard required) Extract insight from data with indico’s APIs: - Sentiment Analysis: Quickly and efficiently determine if text is positive or negative. - Text Tags: Determine the topics in the phrase or document str. - Language Detection: Automatically determine the language of a phrase or document. - Political Analysis: Gauge the political leanings of a phrase or document. - Keywords: Identify the important words within a document. - People: Identify references to specific persons found in a document. - Places: Identify references to specific places found in a document. - Organizations: Identify references to specific organizations found in a document. - Personality: Predicts the personality traits of a text's author. - Personas: Predicts the Myers Briggs persona of an author based on a sample of text. - Emotion: Predicts the emotion expressed by an author in a sample of text. - Facial Emotion Recognition: Determine the emotions expressed in an image of a human face. - Content Filtering: Determines whether or not an image contains mature content. Demo:


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