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Word Document Generation for Mendix

Create and populate any Word / PDF document: from a one-page invoice to a multi-section fully-formatted contract or report. Ideal for a microservice architecture environment. Never have to redeploy to add a new or change an existing document. How does it work? - The templates start life as Word documents, are uploaded to, stored and maintained in a separate repository, usually cloud-based. - All data is transferred as JSON inside a web service call. - The repository holds a data dictionary to map incoming JSON data to target fields in the templates. - The generated document is returned to the Mendix app. - Should the template need answers to further questions, the user is presented with a dynamically generated interview to supply the additional information. Benefits - Never have to redeploy your app to add a new or change an existing document. - No further Mendix skills are required once the interface has been configured. - All styling is defined and maintained using Word. A suite of documents can be reformatted to reflect a change in Corporate styles by a single upload. - Template repository is fully version-controlled. - Just about anyone can create a new template, with no programming skills, no downloads or plug-ins, via the web-based InstantAuthor product. - Can give business users the direct ability to generate their own contracts – freeing up legal and IT teams to focus on higher value projects. Black Opal Systems is a reseller of the Exari DocGen (tm) product. For more information, please contact us.


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