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# Mendix Bootstrap Input Addons Widget This widget extends form controls by adding text on either side of textual input's (as described [here]( This would be useful when working with constant values that always apply on a field, for example the '€' symbol when working with currencies. To use the widget, place it in a Entity context (like a dataview) and configure the widget's properties. ## Features * Add text before, after, or on both sides of any text-based input * Add button addons on the right of an input field * Optional show the label of an input field * Optional set field as required * Format numbers with configurable groups and digits * Optional add css class when number is negative * Optional show negative numbers as positive and with a different label * onChange, onEnter and onLeave events * Visibility and editable parameter * Use of variables in the label (syntax: {attributeName}) * Optional show a question text before or after the input field ## Limitations * Buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons and dropdowns (as add-on) are not yet implemented For any request or bug please create an issue at [GitHub](


Bootstrap Input Addons logo5 stars, based on 14 votes
up, look ok
A very good widget that allows you to improve the input data field.
Great UI widget that should be standard in Mendix. It's easy to use when you don't want to edit the SASS files. Most of the features in this widget can be archieved by manually adding classes in SASS.
Extends the 'look and feel' of standard attribute fields in an easy-to-understand way