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Appronto Spotlight Search

Do you want your users to be able to search fast and easy through the complete application? This module is used to literally find what you are looking for. Just like Apple does with Spotlight, the spotlight module works the same way in your Mendix application. When to use?: - If you have to navigate too much in your app to get your detail screens - If you want to increase the user experience within your app What does the “Spotlight Search” Module contain? - Configure bases on MxModelReflection a set of objects and fields where you should be able to search - Please keep in mind the Mendix access rules from the model - Connect every object with an click-handler (microflow) to opened the desired screen - Search in documents and in data from your database (Powered by Lucene) - Backup and restore your search database For who?: - Application managers; configure the set of objects/fields where you should be able to search - Users: Search from one input box trough all configured objects/fields Benefits: - Faster: get to detail information faster with one click - Easier: search for multiple objects once


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