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Questionnaire (module)

This Questionnaire template allows you to configure complex reflexive questionnaires and spread them to be conducted by your users. Different types of questions (selectable option(s), date and number ranges, free text) can be configured and be rendered in different ways (for instance like a text box, slider, radio buttons, checkboxes etc.). Each question can be marked as required and depending on the type, ranges can be configured where the answer must lie in. Furthermore the visibility of questions and options can be dependent on earlier given answers. In addition the applicability of a range can also be dependent on an earlier given answer. During the development of the configuration the changes are tracked in revision which can always be restored.


Questionnaire (module) logo3 stars, based on 8 votes
The long awaited Questionnaire module. Finally. Love it! A great way to easily add a reflexive questionnaire to your project. Already used it in two apps.
Can we get an upgrade to mx5 for this module, I am working on a project and this would be really useful.
Strictly regarding the functionality that this widget offers this is a very nice widget. However, compiling in 5.20 results in 56 errors. Most are fixed by renaming an existing layout to DesktopLayout. That leaves 3 more serious errors all of type: "pages used for selecting objects cannot be opened in content", functionality that was changed going from version 4 to 5. Errors are in pages DependencyConfig_NewEdit and Page_Edit. I changed the Add type button to an Action type button in DependencyConfig_NewEdit to call the same page but it is not functioning correctly. This is the page used to create a dependency for a question. I haven't tracked down where the Page_Edit page is used. I am also getting an error that widgets can't be built, possibly because they are out of date, when trying to run in the sandbox.
It works, but the documentation is way out of date if one wants to quickly learn how to extend the module. PLEASE update the documentation for both this module and the sample survey app where it's used. Neither indicate correct version numbers in the internal documentation, for example. Most distressingly, the description of how to extend the module with new question types is clearly out of date with wrong folder names, etc.
Its a good start for creating questionairres but needs expanded to help deal with screen refreshes and losing your place inside the questionairre
Is there a possibility that the XML schema file is provided so we can extend the domain model and xml exporter/importer as well?
can we please get mx7 updgrade on this
Nice module for basic surveys but it would be better if we could connect it to our data. Instead of building out every option we should be able to connect questions to tables or enumerations.