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Questionnaire (module)

This Questionnaire template allows you to configure complex reflexive questionnaires and spread them to be conducted by your users. Different types of questions (selectable option(s), date and number ranges, free text) can be configured and be rendered in different ways (for instance like a text box, slider, radio buttons, checkboxes etc.). Each question can be marked as required and depending on the type, ranges can be configured where the answer must lie in. Furthermore the visibility of questions and options can be dependent on earlier given answers. In addition the applicability of a range can also be dependent on an earlier given answer. During the development of the configuration the changes are tracked in revision which can always be restored.


Questionnaire (module) logo3 stars, based on 11 votes
Great module as foundation for checklists/survey applications. Very welcome upgrade to Mx7.16.
Great module. Followed up on your idea to work in tandem with DeepLink module to create an automated surveying system. Nice job!
nice ideas, i can use it for online insurance survey project