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Office 365 connector

The O365 module developed by rond® synchronizes the data of your Office365 cloud whit any Mendix app. Developed based on REST services this module reads content and metadata from Office365. E-mail, contacts and calendar items integrate all seamless in your Mendix app and are available for further processing. Examples of appliance: - Synchronization of correspondence and appointments and processing on client profiles. - Keep contact data synchronized between your Mendix app and mailboxes. - Valuable customer information not stored only in employee mailboxes. - Case management, correspondence management for every relation. - Knowledge network management, find out who talks with whom, what topic and when. This facilitates better usage of your organizations knowledge network. Features: - Single-sign on for your Mendix app with Office365 through the reliable and proven OAuth protocol. - Per user synchronization of Office365 folder structure, e-mail traffic, contacts and calendar events with your Mendix app. - Configurable synchronization, determine by yourself which folders and calendar groups are synchronized. Features in development: - Composing and sending e-mail messages and calendar items from your Mendix app.


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