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Document generation 4 Mendix

Do you want to use the best tool for layouts available for documents? The must-have solution for document generation within Mendix applications. Generate documents based on MS word templates and export to Word, PDF, HTML and 20 other formats. When to use it? - For documents with layouts like invoices and reports - If the standard Mendix document generation is not sufficient - If 5 to 10 times faster than the standard Mendix templates appeals to you - When users want to have control about the templates - Documents that have to be exported in multiple formats and have to be exactly the same - Your generated documents stay in your own environment What does the “Document Generation 4 Mendix” Module contain? - Generate documents based on templates layouts in Word - Runtime configuration of the required data to fill the document - Supporting all features of MS word like headers, footers, page numbers, index, charts etc. - Edit your template and save your template in your Mendix app with the Microsoft MS Word Add-in: For who: - End-users: Let users make and adjust their own templates - Application managers: If managing the templates is a task - Business Engineers: make complex documents fast and simple Benefits: - Control: end-users can make and adjust templates easily - Precision: No CSS needed for layout of documents but effectively use MS Word with a 100% connection in exports to DOC, PDF and more - Faster: as a business engineer you can build a document template fast and simple. For more information please contact us:


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nice one
Quick to setup and the Word plugin works well.