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Radiobutton List

Radio button based input widget for enumeration values, boolean values and references. Useful replacement for the default drop-down or reference selector widget.


Radiobutton List logo4 stars, based on 10 votes
Nice widget but did not entirely support my usecase: Unfortunately, an enumeration can't be used as a display attribute, which was needed for translation purposes.
Hi Jelte, the widget helped us in designing the associations as radio button until Modeler 6.9.0. Now we have upgraded the modeler to 7.8 version and while migrating the project we are getting the below issue which occurs when user navigates away from the radio button page to other page and it works good when user enters into the page. Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'children' of null at Object._createRadiobuttonNodes (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44204) at Object._updateRendering (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44060) at Object._populateRadiobuttonOptions (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44190) at Object. (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44176) at mxui.js?636263688744647348:5 at callback (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44358) at Observation: Identified the above error is caused becuse the inputNodes object is AssocRadioButtonList.js file -> createRadiobuttonNodes (method) -> nodelength = this.inputNodes.children.length; (line). Please help by resolving the issue asap so that we can continue using the widget.
Nice way to vary with the representation of data in forms.