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The easiest and fastest way to get your excel data in and out of Mendix applications. Creates a Rest endpoint for every entity in your application, allowing you to upload and download data in comma separated values format. You will get the following endpoint for all entities: http:///ws-doc// You can upload multiple entities in one automated script using curl to post different csv files. Associations can be included in the csv files. This gives you a fast and reliable way to initialize application databases. You can download all objects in an entity in csv format using GET operation. Again you can automate this in a script using curl command. Some reporting tools also allow reading online csv files, for example R. This enables you to use a 3rd party reporting tool on mendix data without manually downloading the data. For documentation please check github readme: https://github.com/ako/CsvServices/blob/master/readme.md


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Good one! Nice to have.