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CKEditor For Mendix

This widget gives you a full version of the CKEditor with an extra button that allows you to create microflow links inside your HTML output. Use this widget to add a full WYSIWYG editor for your entity attributes. This version has the ability to add links to HTML that can run microflows when clicked uppon. The CKEditor widget comes with the CKEditor viewer. This viewer will enable the posibility to reformat links to microflow links.


CKEditor For Mendix logo4 stars, based on 17 votes
Works locally on Mendix 5.21.8 but not on the cloud acceptance environment. The tool 'Check widgets' shows message that this widget is not supported in Mendix 5. Upgrading the application to 6.10.10 not the way to go because induces a lot of extra work on other widgets (like SAML)... Went back to Bootstrap RTE editor... Furthermore, the widget allows text manipulation that is not supported by pdf generation (like adding a horizontal line). You need to check them all. Finally, the screen to add hyperlinks and pictures to your text is nice for a developer, but not for the business user because it contains lots of options he would not understand. Needed some CSS styling to get rid of that.
Works like a charm!
Good widget. Only minus is that the spell check option does not store your language so you have to set it each time you use it.
Works good, but could use an update as the core for this widget the CKEditor has been updated.