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The recommended and platform supported alternative is Rich Text: see This widget gives you a full version of the CKEditor with an extra button that allows you to create microflow links inside your HTML output. Use this widget to add a full WYSIWYG editor for your entity attributes. This version has the ability to add links to HTML that can run microflows when clicked uppon. The CKEditor widget comes with the CKEditor viewer. This viewer will enable the posibility to reformat links to microflow links. This uses a few libraries: CKEditor 4.10.0, jQuery 3.3.1 and a variety of CKEditor plugins. See the list used on Github


CKEditor For Mendix logo4 stars, based on 24 votes
Great widget! Only thing that could be improved is the fact that when the CKE Editor is placed on a tab, the validation message indicator is not working on the tab for this widget. Workaround now is to set same attribute (hidden by CSS) on the same tab. Works, but not very pretty.
My goto app when creating custom reports or templates!
Works Great!
A good widget and a more extensive editor then the Rich text editor widget in the App Store. However it comes with a couple of downsides. The UI is a little bit more crowded when you don't spend time configuring it, the spell check option does not store your language and when you try to use this widget in conjuction with the .pdf exporter you need to check the generated code.