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ChartJS Widget

The recommended and platform supported alternative is: Charts: see This widget is a wrapper for the ChartJS library ( It currently contains 7 different widgets, Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, Pie, Radar, Polar and Doughnut chart.


ChartJS Widget logo4 stars, based on 25 votes
Great widget. The only issue I ran into was when you switch the widget's opacity, the hover function that allows you to see the individual total values are not always accurate. I was on a project where we discovered that some statuses were left empty so we had to adjust the logic to account for empty status values. This solved the issue but when we switched the opacity to allow for more vibrant colors in the donut widget, we lost the ability to see the newly added tier for empty status values and the displayed totals in the widget were off. Just something to be aware of and possibly address. :)
Great widget for showing some basic data with visual variety. I have used this for quick dashboards or landing pages with stats. The configuration is fairly straight forward and this widget can be implemented quickly with ease.
great stuff
Great documentation, beautiful charts! Thank you 👍