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Excel Exporter Template Manager

This module enables you to export and import configured Excel Exporter templates. This way you don't have to configure those templates yourself again and again. When you save the XML files as part of your project the configuration is also under version control.


Excel Exporter Template Manager logo4 stars, based on 7 votes
Thank you very much, not sure why it is not included in the exporter like with the importer but this really helps solve that gap.
A must have if you use the Excel Reporter module. Compilation problem in Mx7 was fixed by the author in minutes! Hopes it enters the AppStore soon.
When will the Mx7 version be available?
This module has some very useful functionality but I get an error when I try to export templates that contain static data. "Exporting an empty object is not allowed when element is neither optional nor nillable" on the Export to XML action. Has anyone else had the same issue? Edit: It appears the error is thrown when the XML mapping tries to acces a specialization attribute of the MxStatic entity