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Database replication

Use this module to import data from existing databases into your Mendix application. You can define how to map each table, column and relation to your Mendix domain model. Complex mappings over multiple table joins are supported as well. The module can be configured using the client or using Java. The module enables you to replicate the data from a MSSQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database into your Mendix database. The module works similar to the Excel importer, uses the same code base (replication.jar) and provides similar functionality and stability.


Database replication logo5 stars, based on 6 votes
It is really simple and easy way for importing the data from the source database using Database replication. Coming to logging part, it would be nice if it displays the error or the skipped records in detail in console. As of now it is displaying only the count in the final statistics. It will be very useful if it displays the reason and which records were skipped or inserted into the source database (for example).
Easy import of data.Very useful app.But still want more information regarding error statistics what sushuma told in her review.