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If This Then That (IFTTT)

You want to manage if-this-then-that logic better? With the IFTTT module logic is not captured in the Mendix model, but real time maintainable and manageable. The IFTTT module focusses on the logic about sending messages like email, texts of push notifications. When to use it? - If rules about when to end messages must be manageable and stay that way - If a rule has to be added without updating the application What does the “If This Then That” Module contain? - Makes if-this-then-that logic manageable - Sends email, texts and push notifications based on your own IF-THIS rule - By connecting this module to the Reporting 4 Mendix module messages can be simply enriched with live data Examples: - After an order is confirmed an order confirmation will be send - Send the manager an email when leave is requested by employees For who: - Application manager; configure rules and add on rules on the fly - Functional manager / customer: manage message templates (just like email templates) - Users: receive messages from the IFTTT module which varies from email to a notification on a dashboard Benefits: - Manageable: Messages (when, how many and for who) are overviewed in 1 screen - Flexible: on-the-fly adding IFTTT rules without downtime of the application - Controllable: the customer is in control about the texts used in templates More technical information: - As a trigger for a rule a microflow or a OQL query (based on reporting 4 mendix) serves to determine which set is able to execute the rule - A rule can be scheduled and executed every x minute/hour/day/month - The possibility to ‘execute one’ is present so that a result from an OQL query won’t be looked at again. For example, think of a query that delivers all confirmed orders; the ‘send confirmation email’ cannot be send a second time for the orders which already received a confirmation - Including message template management module for managers - Integration with process queue for big volumes and retry mechanisms - Configure time windows where messages can be send - DTAP sync for copying rules from 1 environment to another


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