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Open Authentication Module

Allow users to securely login to their Mendix application using their Google account with 2-factor authentication or make use of their Linkedin and Facebook accounts. The module allows you to easily implement 2-factor authentication by leveraging the options that the Oauth providers like Google offer. The providers of the OAuth 2.0 service can be easily expanded beyond the three (Google, Linkedin, Facebook) that come with the module out of the box.


Open Authentication Module logo4 stars, based on 8 votes
The module throws 13 errors. Unable to use it. Is it deprecated? Are there alternatives to this?
Great module, documentation provided makes it simple to add an additional provider.
Works very well with Google GSuite out of the box, it does require some more knowledge then just Mendix to properly implement.
currently, I am able to call my custom oauth login that...once the authentication and authorization happens, it fails to come back to the app using the callback url http:///callback/OauthModule?code=xxx&state=xxxx&session_state=xxxx. the error it gives is 'Exception occurred while processing request'.
I have been trying to configure the Oauth module to work with Azure B2C and am running into some trouble. I followed the PDF file on how to add another Oauth provider and have configured everything correctly on the Azure B2C. However I am running into some trouble after being met with the Azure B2C login page, when the user logs in (or creates an account) it will throw up an error (HTTP 500). I'm using Fiddler to track the packets and Azure is giving me back a state and an access code. But from that point it just throws up an HTTP 500 error. Is there anyone that has successfully implemented this module with Azure B2C? I am slightly stuck on where to go from here.
Easy to implement and configure using the provided documentation.