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Simple Chart

**This widget is based on a legacy library and is considered deprecated. It is not actively supported. It might work in Mendix 6, but it is not stable. If you want to contribute to the widget, or actively maintain it, please contact us! Please use the ChartJS widget for chart requirements in your project.** The simple chart widget allows to rapidly create charts using the Modeler. The widget is inspired by the Excel charts and should be up and running quickly. Nonetheless it supports many advanced features: * Pie, Line, Curve, Stacked and Bar charts * Multiple series per chart * Allows users to interactively change the XPath constraints (data filtering) * Extensive support for time based charts * Support for automatic data aggregation * Up to two Y axises per chart * Supports several types of data aggregation * Onclick microflow for individual data points * Multiple chart rendering algorithms * Designed to be easy to configure * Supports date ranges * Supports linear and uniform scaling along the X-axis * Supports periodic updates * NO reporting module required * NO knowlegde of OQL required * NO Flash required (runs on either HTML5, SVG or VML)


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excellent addition to the platform. use microflows to populate a reporting object. Add some simple configurations in the modeler and your (dynamic) graphs are up and running
An absolute must for most projects. Perhaps in the future there will be Z-axes?
This app is very easy to use and can be up and running in minutes. The flot charts have some drawbacks compared to the paid highcharts, but the advantage is that the flot charts are open software and can be adapted. There are some interesting plugins I want to try out to see if I can make them work.
It is very simple and easy to use but there are the following 'bugs': 1. Charts don't refresh when you use the Non free charts 2. Chart labels do overlap, you can't influence the alignment of the labels.
Very cool widget, but a few bugs on - Colors from serie not recognized - Serie names not recognized (every serie is named serie X instead of the given name) I was able to fix this via highcharts.js, replaced a few things below: //set serie properties
Totally messes up your Java compatibility. Workaround can be found on this page: Charts are fine.
Charts are good and easy to read, however, like with all chart it takes some implementation time
very great