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SupportWeb: incident management done right

SupportWeb is an incident management application that is currently in use for more than 20 customers for both SLA agreements and project testing support. SupportWeb gives you the flexibility that both your customers and your company demands. Key features are:
- A self-service portal for your clients to register incidents and track progress
- Easy communication between your clients and employees through ‘responses’
- Multi-client and multi-contract architecture
- Supports a wide range of client and employee roles with different functionalities per role
- Integration with Outlook’s: export time spent on incident solving as a Calendar item
- E-mail notifications, attachments, server- and application masterdata, both internal and client’s incident reference ID’s, reports, release scheduling and assignment, and many more features

For more information and demo requests please contact Magnus (see 'Contact the developer' on right side of this page).


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