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Forgot Password module

When building an application it is no longer necessary to build your own functionality to allow users to reset their password. Just download this module, the email module and deeplink module. This module uses the login widget, and implements the forgot my password functions. The user can enter their email address, and an email will be send with a confirmation link. The user can open the link, using the deeplink module and gets the option to reset his password.


Forgot Password module logo3 stars, based on 6 votes
Nice feature, sadly enough it did not work immediately due to an error in the microflow processing the incoming deeplink messages. The module tries to find a forgot password request using the GUID from the incoming request ('?GUID=.....'), which never works, because only the id itself is stored in the attribute that is being checked ('ForgotPasswordGUID') in the forgot password request and not the '?GUID=' part. Got it working by checking whether the ForgotPasswordURL, which is also stored in the forgot password request, contained the GUID from the deeplink request.
Awesome module! Makes implementing the forgot password functionality super easy!
Great module! Super easy to add the forgot password functionality now. As what Alain says about the ?GUID problem, I simply trimmed the string and now it works. Would be nice if it can be updated in the module.
Bug: when user fills an incorrect username / password combination. Message "undefined" is shown instead of a correct message.
Can we please upgrade to v7. Login form is breaking in newer version
Must-have for any application where login isn't facilitated through SSO/LDAP. Great documentation and the initial setup is a breeze. Remark: - The LoginForm widget should be updated.