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Predictive Maintenance

Imagine having smart assets that communicate and alert you when they need attention! Our Predictive Maintenance solution enables you to predict when assets need maintenance before they break down. Saving you time, money and potential business. Challenge Organizations with numerous assets have to plan maintenance for their assets. Nowadays, maintenance is often planned every couple of months, every quarter, every six months, etc. However, if there are assets which are used less, ideally you do not want to provide it with maintenance as often as the assets which are used extensively. But how do you know when a particular asset is ready to have its maintenance? You have to collect huge amounts of data and be able to analyze it quickly to predict future maintenance of your individual assets. Then there’s the question of how and where to store all of this data you gathered… Solution Predictive maintenance starts by collecting data from your assets. There is an easy way to facilitate this and make your assets smart: by adding Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors to them. Our Predictive Maintenance solution is optimized for handling and securely storing large amounts of data from any type of IoT sensor. It doesn’t matter if you monitor ten, a thousand or a million assets, it will work. And lightning fast as well! By using cutting edge Machine Learning/AI algorithms, the data is analyzed real-time and delivers the results you desire. Our solution helps you to predict things like the next maintenance term for an asset and what assets are used most in comparison to each other. It makes the data available through user-friendly dashboards or through web services that connect to any application. Results - Minimize downtime of your assets: maintenance when it is most cost-effective, without loss of performance - Minimize preventive maintenance: no routine-based maintenance necessary - Optimize allocation of resources: less incidents and more scheduled maintenance - The right information at the right time: more control of your maintenance process - Decrease of total cost of ownership and higher predictability For more information or a live demo please contact us at


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