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The business intelligence tool ‘FlowFabric Insights’ enriches your Mendix application with dynamic dashboards and reports to get the needed decisive information. BI-tool FlowFabric insights is fully embedded in the FlowFabric applications based on Mendix. The ingeniousness of this business intelligence module is the extract transform load (ETL) process. With this process, data sources can be retrieved, transformed to the correct size and then loaded. Only modified, new or deleted data is exchanged, because this is the most efficient way to stay up to date and take care of the high performance engine. A high performance engine is created, which can process large amounts of data in record rate, through the optimized data transfer. Due to this, the business intelligence application does not hand in on performance because the system runs on it’s own service. This gives the business access to real-time data, to support their decisions. BI-tool FlowFabric insights is fully embedded in the FlowFabric applications based on Mendix. The opportunities to visualize data become infinite and users can, without quitting the application, get the insights they need. By using FlowFabric Insights, the business is less dependent of the Information Technology department. Just like a Mendix application, a configuration can be made, for example, for the definition of reports. This is due to an IDM layer. The FlowFabric team has ensured that the business can add or change parameters and datafields. This is just a matter of configuration skills. Also external data can be added to the business's own data, for example business/ market figures. This adds an extra dimension to the decision process. FlowFabric Insights is now being carried out at the first customers. Also the 'Promotiemanager' application from FlowFabric is now being enriched with Insights. With BI-tool FlowFabric Insights, the entire organization can make data-based decisions on both operational and strategic levels.


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