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WordTemplater The easiest way to generate Word documents. For an example project please search the Mendix app store for: WordTemplater Example Project Generate docx documents based on Microsoft Word templates with the use of variables, markup and other fun stuff. When to use: - When the default Mendix document functionality is too limited - When you have specific styling wishes for you document - When you want to be able to change the document without changes in the Mendix modeler - When you want the business to have more control over the documents How to use: You can use a variety of options to generate the document: - Markup, so you can easily style the text in the modeler - Bullets, create a bullet in the document for every object in a list - Table rows, create a table row for every object in a list - If statements, to apply logic in the template document if you want - Variables, they will be filled in the modeler and replace the variable in the template. For who: - Developers - Business users Benefits: - No styling in Mendix needed - Great control over the appearance. What you see in the template is what you get in the generate document. - Easy to switch to the WordTemplater if you are already generating documents with the default Mendix functionality. Try it You can use all the features of the WordTemplater when running local or in a sandbox or test environment. A license is needed for the acceptance and production environments. Costs We believe in fair, transparent, and simple pricing. All features are included. There are no charges per user or documents. That is why we offer an annual plan for €2500 per app. Contact You can contact us for any questions at info@jam-it.nl Need PDF? Converting documents to pdf and pdf-a1 is a service that we offer in a separate project. Contact us for more details.


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Works really well! It would be nice however to have better documentation or a sample project with regard to image and table variables in Word template...