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Welcome to the Mendix Queue module. This module is very useful for long-running microflows and parallel processing. It allows the user to control execution of each individual job from the UI. Important features: - Retry failed jobs - Multi-instance support (clustered runtime) - Schedule jobs using delay parameter - Job recovery after restart Check the demo application at https://queue100.mxapps.io and login using demo_user and hXPC3NKz49.


Queue logo5 stars, based on 14 votes
The benchmark speaks for itself, works pretty well and is the go-to whenever you need to process eg. batched data
Great module. Very usefull to run time consuming processes on the server.
Fantastic piece of software. Easy to setup and implement. Thanks for this!
Implemented this module and seems to work fine!! Just a few remarks: 1. The number of jobs in QueueList does not match the actual number of jobs in JobList. Now i have 2 queues; one queue has 2 jobs with status Done; number of jobs in QueueList = 0 other queue has 1 job with status Done and 3 jobs with status error; number of jobs in QueueList = 4 what's the reason jobs with status Done are counted in one QueueList and not in the other queuelist? 2. QueueList contains buttons to shut down the queue but not to restart. Would it be possible/advisable to use InitializeQueue or InitializeQueueAndRecoverJobs for a new button to restart the queue?