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Welcome to the Mendix Queue module. This module can be used in Mendix apps to run jobs in single or multi threaded job queues. Major differences with the Process Queue: - 7,4 times faster (see https://testqueueperforman.mxapps.io/) - Retry mechanism can be defined by the user (exponential backoff algorithm) - Support of queue control when using clustered runtime (set CLUSTER_SUPPORT constant) - Minimum database interactions are implemented to increase performance (no persistent Queue and Process entities, no execution log by default) - Jobs can be scheduled using a pre-configured delay in a user-defined time unit - The microflow to run can be configured in the Job (no process definition necessary) - Queued jobs can be removed from the queue (cancelled) - Running jobs can be aborted -> status set to cancelled - In case of an error while running the Job, the error handling behavior specified in the microflow is applied (Process Queue performs a rollback by default). An error without rollback will result in the changes being committed, but the Job receiving the status Error - Java code is unit tested, resulting in cleaner code (check for number of invokations of methods) and assuring less bugs in future releases Check the demo application at https://queue100.mxapps.io and login using demo_user and hXPC3NKz49. Known issue: when CLUSTER_SUPPORT is enabled, do not add Jobs to the Queue during the After startup microflow. It cannot find the xasInstance object. Support ticket has been filed.


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Very easy to implement. Great for queuing events for an application.