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This module can be used in Mendix apps to generate and decode JWT tokens. JSON Web Tokens are often used to perform messaging or token authentication in web services. Try it at JWT.io! Supports both HMAC and RSA based signing algorithms. Includes an RSA key pair generator for convenience! And contains a PEM to DER and DER to PEM converter, which can be used for key imports and exports. Works for API authentication with Google Service Accounts (RSA private keys). NOTE: from version 1.6.0 dependencies were updated. Please disable the "Emulate Cloud Security" option in the Mendix Modeler to prevent errors during usage of the JWT module. For more details, refer to the release notes of version 1.6.0.


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Very nice module. Sometimes I get library issues in combination with modules like SAML 2.0 and Encryption, but usually throwing some redundant libraries out fixes that.