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JSON Transform

This module is to assist in creating or altering json document without having to create schema or entities just for reading/writing json. Such transform of json can be used to integrate with REST and with some Widgets. For that it uses Jolt library from https://github.com/bazaarvoice/jolt/blob/master/README.md , under the license of Apache License Version 2.0. This library transforms a json using a spec that is also a json. Similar to XSLT but for Json. Explanations are at http://ijokarumawak.github.io/nifi/2016/11/22/nifi-jolt/ . Demo is at http://jolt-demo.appspot.com/. It also uses Json Path library of https://github.com/json-path/JsonPath , under the license of Apache License Version 2.0. for providing flexibility in querying a json. Demo is at http://jsonpath.herokuapp.com/ It also gives an ability for the Jolt spec to invoke Microflows in Mendix and it can handle all outcomes from the invoked microflows i.e. string, json object, json array, Mendix Object, Mendix List. nothing. The 12 sample test cases inside the module, show the various abilities of microflow callback. it also gives a simple repository to store the Jolt specs that could later be used for transforming json. The returned data from microflows are appended to the input json so that it can enrich the input json cumulatively.  Download RestServices Module from Appstore as it is a prerequisite. The reason for this dependency is that this module has feature to deserialize json to mendix object. If in future, Mendix natively provides serialization/deserialization ability, then we can upgrade this module to remove this dependency. Also from navigation you can create a menu item to invoke: Jsontrans.IVK_ShowJsonTransfPage for Test page. After you know how to write Jolt spec, you can directly use Java action PerformJsonTransform from your app.


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