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CM SMS Connector

With the CM SMS connector you can send and receive SMS via the SMS gateway of CM. Start in 3 simple steps: 1. Create a CM demo account at 2. Store the CM product token in the constant ProductToken in the module BulkSMS 3. Start sending messages with the SUB_SendSMS microflow The price per SMS is country based and can be found at for example EUR 0.068 for Netherlands, GBP 0.0286 for UK, USD 0.0044 for USA. Check the CM Demo application to learn more about typical usage of SMS in Mendix and feel free to copy screens and microflows. Features • Send and receive SMS from Mendix • Receive real-time SMS delivery status updates • Unicode character set support • Multipart outbound and inbound messages • Global coverage Why choose CM? CM is an international company that specializes in processing millions of messages and transactions through a highly secured communication platform. Learn more about CM here. • Reliability & support: 24/7 monitoring from our headquarters in The Netherlands • Global reach: SMS coverage to 5 billion mobile phones • Fast delivery: Direct connections to 150 mobile operators


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